1. Your  interests are represented by a qualified and experienced professional.

Enlisting the services of a Buyer’s Agent is like hiring an accountant to optimize your taxes, a Doctor to administer your health care, or a mechanic to repair your car. I have devoted my career to perfecting expertise in Real Estate. With your best interests in mind, I will manage the complex nature of the purchase. This allows you to concentrate on your full-time job.

2. You will be introduced to off-market homes.

I will introduce you to off-market homes. You will not find them on public websites. We will preview these homes before being launched to the public. I have a deep-rooted network, advanced search abilities, and optimized business processes. You will not need to spend your valuable time searching for homes or researching on your own. My methods ensure you only tour homes that meet your specific budget and criteria.

3. Your search will be optimized to current market conditions.

The real estate market is dynamic and changes on a day-to-day, if not hour-by-hour basis. It contains many sub-markets that require someone’s full-time attention. This makes it critical to work with an expert like me who knows how to interpret and analyze it. I will make sure you understand the market in a way that makes sense to you and guide you all the way.

4. Your purchase will be negotiated by an expert.

When the time comes to make an offer, you need a negotiator. I have the experience and training necessary to optimize your offer in a way that stands out. I will negotiate your offer as only real estate insiders know how to do. This is one of the most important decisions of your life, and you need the comfort in knowing you got the best deal possible.

5. The deal will be structured creatively and closed seamlessly.

I work in this business every day. I know how to best structure your deal and protect your interests. Furthermore, I understand the financial commitment that goes into a purchase and respect what this means to my clients. This requires me to get creative in the way I work with you and all those involved in the process. It may involve working with the bank to structure your financing in a way that gets your loan approved. Not only that, it may involve building contingencies and concessions into the deal that net you the price you desire. Whatever it is, I know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. I know exactly what it takes to successfully close a deal.

Paul is an amazing person, who happens to be a realtor! Paul is very aware of what is happening in the greater Phoenix real estate marketplace.  He is attentive, resourceful, kind and was most helpful throughout my house hunting experience!  I am grateful to have been referred to him by a dear friend and I will most certainly refer others whose paths I cross, should they be purchasing or selling a home in Arizona. Verified by RateMyAgent

Denise McAdams

Phoenix Buyer

Choosing the right real estate agent to advise and guide you through the steps to buying a house will alleviate the stress of purchasing a home. At Modern Living Arizona, we have mastered the process and take pride in making our clients feel at ease when buying their next home. Contact Paul Hansen at (602) 793-0807 or PH@PaulSellsAZ.com to get the process of buying a home started.

Receive Up To $500 As A Closing Credit When You Purchase A Home With Our Team.

* A credit of $50 per $50,000 of purchase price will be provided as a closing credit to your sale (up to $500 max). For example, a $250,000 purchase price, will equal a $250 closing credit. Any purchase $500,000 and above will be equal to a $500 closing credit. Registration is required in order to receive this credit.