One of the first steps a great agent will complete with new buyers is taking time to understand their unique needs. Understanding the client’s timeline, criteria, and budget is critical to a successful sale.

At Modern Living Arizona, we pride ourselves in taking the necessary time to discuss these objectives with each client. It is important to us that when we send you a new listing, that it already matches your criteria. We would rather show you 5 houses that you love than 50 houses you hate. See the importance?

This survey of questions will help our team understand your search criteria and set up your automated searches. This ensures we know precisely what you are seeking in your new home. It helps us to avoid sending you listings that you must screen first before finding a match. We know your time is valuable and shouldn’t be spent doing our work.

When you receive a new listing from us, you can be assured it matches your selected criteria. This criteria can be updated as we move through the search process. So don’t worry if you feel like you may change your mind. That is all part of the process. Our team is agile and quickly adjusts to your changing criteria.

Choosing the right real estate agent to advise and guide you through the steps to buying a house will alleviate the stress of purchasing a home. At Modern Living Arizona, we have mastered the process and take pride in making our clients feel at ease when buying their next home. Contact Paul Hansen at (602) 793-0807 or to get the process of buying a home started.

Complete Our Arizona Buyer's Questionnaire

Receive Up To $500 As A Closing Credit When You Purchase A Home With Our Team.

* A credit of $50 per $50,000 of purchase price will be provided as a closing credit to your sale (up to $500 max). For example, a $250,000 purchase price, will equal a $250 closing credit. Any purchase $500,000 and above will be equal to a $500 closing credit. Registration is required in order to receive this credit.