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General Boundary: 16th St to 20th St (E/W) and Brill St to Culver St (N/S)

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The Brentwood Historic District is comprised of six original subdivisions platted between 1924 and 1946: McDowell Heights (1924), Brentwood (1928), East Brentwood (1928), Wright Davis (1938), Valley of the Sun (1944), and Governor Hunt (1946). The district is an excellent example of the northeastward suburban expansion of Phoenix before World War II, followed by a wartime and post-war expansion and contains a generally cohesive and intact assemblage of houses that embody the stylistic trends of pre-1956 Phoenix.

Although “nonessential” construction was halted during World War II, Phoenix was named a war industry district, and under strict regulations by the federal government, was able to add housing to existing subdivisions. Phoenix was home to several defense-related companies such as AIResearch, Goodyear Aircraft Corporation, and Alcoa, all of which had employees who lived in the Brentwood neighborhood. By far, 1944 was the single biggest building year in the neighborhood due to this designation.

Beginning with Brentwood’s first homes in the early 1920s until the end of the 1930s, Period Revival styles were popular in the district, as they were throughout much of the country. 54 houses were built in styles such as English Cottage Revival, Southwest Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival and Tudor Revival. Bungalows were also popular in the early years of Brentwood, accounting for 13 examples constructed. By the late 1930s, the Transitional/Early Ranch style began to appear in Brentwood where 63 houses were constructed in this style through the 1940s and account for the most of any one style in the district.

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