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General Boundary: 7th Ave to 15th Ave (E/W) and Osborn Rd to Thomas Rd (N/S)

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Campus Vista Historic District is a well preserved, post-war residential neighborhood in Central Phoenix. It is a picturesque community with several nearby churches, also in the historic register, and of course, Phoenix College, a beautiful campus that provides a perfect backdrop for the surrounding community.

98% of the homes here were built between 1941 and 1957. This development pattern resulted in coherent streetscapes and a strong sense of history. Campus Vista possesses outstanding architectural unity, containing primarily Ranch and Transitional Ranch style residential home.

The majority of houses in the district are simple in design, with typical Ranch house or Transitional Ranch details but no revival style ornamentation. Commonly found ornamental details include exposed rafter ends, brick sills, window shutters, and tile ridgelines. Also common is contrasting wainscoting wherein the wainscot brick has a different brick size or bond than the walls. Low brick or block planters are found at some houses, usually constructed in the same material as the house. Prominent chimneys are architectural features on many houses, as are small porches, carports, or pergolas. Also found in the district are corner, bulls-eye, or glass block windows, and low patio walls. A small number of the ranch houses in the district can be said to have a specific architectural style; these include six French Provincial Ranches, five Modern Ranches, four Colonial Revival Ranches, and one Spanish Colonial Revival Ranch. There are only three historic-period houses that are not Ranch in style, two of which are Cape Cod Revivals and one of which is a Colonial Revival.

The Campus Vista Historic District is significant as an excellent example of the type of small and medium scale FHA-influenced residential subdivisions that appeared throughout Central Phoenix just before and after World War II.

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