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General Boundary: 7th Ave to 8th Ave (E/W) and Windsor Ave to Encanto Blvd (N/S)

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Encanto Vista Historic District is situated along the eastern edge of Encanto Park Golf Course. It is a roughly rectangular neighborhood, one block from east to west and six blocks from north to south. The district encompasses a single residential subdivision platted in 1943. The district contains 79 single family houses built between 1945 and 1959. The houses in Encanto Vista Historic District are predominately large custom-built Ranch Style houses.

The streets in Encanto Vista Historic District are laid out in an unusual horseshoe pattern which maximizes the number of lots in the neighborhood but creates separate “courts” that are somewhat isolated from one another. Except for the cul-de-sac at Windsor Avenue, the streets in Encanto Vista are paired, with the streets in each pair easily accessible to one another but not to the rest of the neighborhood.

Encanto Vista Historic District is directly north of Encanto-Palmcroft Historic District on the east side of Encanto Park. While it is close in proximity, the architecture and history of the neighborhood is vastly different. With that said, it is a cute and quaint district in a perfect Central Phoenix location.

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