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General Boundary: Central Ave to 7th Ave (E/W) and Camelback Rd to Grand Canal (N/S)

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Pierson Place Historic District is one of the northern most historic neighborhoods in Central Phoenix. It is ideally located near Camelback Rd and Central Ave, very close to the light rail line that connects Central Phoenix to Downtown Phoenix. Residents here has access to some of the best shopping in the central corridor from places like the newly revitalized Uptown Plaza, the Melrose District along 7th Ave, and the Arizona Biltmore Fashion Park.

The neighborhood is characterized by mature landscaping and a sense of openness, achieved by the pattern of modestly-sized homes on large lots with houses set back quite a ways from the street. Many of the houses have detached rear garages since the neighborhood was developed as automobiles became more popular at the time of development. Attached carports are more prevalent on homes from the 1940s and 1950s.

Pierson Place displays a diverse range of architectural styles, building types, and materials as a result of its long period of build-out beginning in the 1920s and continuing into the early 1960s. Early neighborhood styles include bungalows and several period revivals, such as Tudor, Pueblo, Spanish Colonial, and Southwest. Early modern designs, including an Art Moderne and several International Style houses are also found in Pierson Place. In the late 1930s and beyond, the district continued to build out with modern Ranch and French Provincial styles, similar to other historic neighborhoods that did the same in a post-depression era.

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