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General Boundary: Central Ave to 7th Ave (E/W) and McDowell Rd to Fillmore St (N/S)

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The Roosevelt Historic District includes 109 major buildings, their associated outbuildings, and a small city park. It is located in Downtown Phoenix to the north and south of Margaret T Hance Park. It is one of the original historic neighborhoods, and albeit small, it is ripe with historical treasures. If living downtown is of interest, and you do not like the idea of living in a high-rise condo, this is the perfect neighborhood for you, if you can find one of the rare sales that take place in the district.

Visible from within the district are the historic sixteen story Hotel Westward Ho, the modern skyscrapers of the ever-changing downtown skyline, and South Mountain, which paints the desert mountain backdrop to the city.

The Roosevelt Historic District encompasses parts of four major additions and one minor addition to the original Phoenix townsite; these additions were developed over a 45-year period, from 1893 until 1937. As a result, the progression of Phoenix’s architecture and development patterns is evident in the district. Seven major local architectural periods are represented in the district, the majority falling within the Bungalow, Prairie, and Period Revival categories. You can also find renditions of Victorian, Neoclassical Revival, Southwestern and Moderne.

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